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Lauren Herring

Take Control of Your Job Search

“The actionable resources provided in Take Control of Your Job Search! will guide anyone looking for a job through the maze of emotions they are experiencing and help them find and land their next job.”


Lauren Herring


Lauren Herring is CEO of IMPACT Group, the largest woman-owned career coaching company supporting over 200 Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Over the past 30 years, IMPACT Group has successfully helped hundreds of thousands of people find jobs. Additionally, Lauren has donated IMPACT Group’s services to thousands of individuals in underserved communities, helping them to find jobs, dignity and economic independence. She has received the Gamechanger Award by Workforce Magazine and has been published or quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Fast Company. 


Lauren’s passion for making a positive impact led her to write Take Control of Your Job Search! as well as her previous book, This Side Up! When not running her business, Lauren can be found running the streets of St. Louis while training for a triathlon or spending time with her husband, Ted, and two young children. 

Are you managing your job search, or is it managing you?

Stressed Woman

Job search during a pandemic

The emotional aspect of a job search has never been more evident than right now. With historic unemployment rates leading to competition for jobs, patience stretched thin due to social distancing, and both financial and health fears consuming our thoughts, staying in the right frame of mind for a successful job search can be quite the challenge.
Take Control of Your Job Search! can help you uncover unproductive behaviors that might be consciously or unconsciously holding you back. It is filled with practical advice on taming the emotional roller coaster of finding work in difficult times and will guide you to productive actions that will get you closer to finding and landing a job you love.



Take control of your job search! 10 Emotions you must master to land the job

When it comes to finding a job, resumes and networking will only get you so far. Chances are your emotions are showing up in your job search, and possibly derailing any forward movement. From fear and anxiety to ego and over confidence, your emotions might be making it harder for you to get a job. Luckily, those emotions can be mastered!


In Take Control of Your Job Search!, you’ll discover that the key to success often depends on managing and even mastering YOUR emotions. In this book you’ll learn to identify, confront and conquer the 10 emotions that are preventing you from landing that new job including emotions of loss and emotions that paralyze.


Written by internationally recognized career development expert and CEO of IMPACT Group Lauren Herring, this book offers the collective wisdom of hundreds of career coaches and provides tactical approaches that job seekers can implement to be successful in their search. Through case studies and real-life examples, you’ll have a step by step guide to ensure you are in control. And this method is proven! IMPACT Group has worked with over 500,000 job seekers helping them to land jobs in half the time of the US national average. 


If you’ve been laid off, fired, furloughed or forgotten, this book is for you. If you know someone who’s out of work and has been struggling to land the job; this book is for you. If you’re having trouble finding work and can’t figure out why; this book is for you! This book will help you uncover unproductive behaviors that might be consciously or unconsciously holding you back and discover the tools and exercises needed to take control of your job search and LAND YOUR DREAM JOB!


This side up: A Simple guide to your successful relocation

Moving is one of the most stressful experiences you will go through in life—yet, for many, it ushers in a new life full of opportunities for change and growth. Whether you’re relocating for the first time or the fifth, this is your expert guide to managing the process, enjoying the journey, and landing right-side up!

From the CEO of America’s #1-rated relocation company comes this heartfelt, honest, no-nonsense moving guidebook. The advice and ideas here come directly from IMPACT Group’s coaches, who have helped hundreds of thousands of people move successfully since 1988.

From moving checklists, to job hunting advice; from how to talk to your kids, to how to mark your packing boxes—it’s all here. Don’t move without this book!


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